Time to try writing again.

It’s not as if I ever stopped, but emails, papers, a thesis and documentation are essentially formal text. I don’t enjoy writing if it doesn’t require a degree of creativity, and I’ve been burnt out since my defence. I miss writing from inspiration and producing genuinely interesting text.

Enjoyment is critical to being motivated, but it requires a feeling of accomplishment and small successes. This means practicing and learning to improve start to enjoy the activity. Force yourself to write frequently, a little every day, and you can hope to gradually get better. Then you can start building some style.

For me, writing is an iterative process which grows narrative from the inside out. Ideas get throughout a sometimes excruciatingly long time, and these will grow from keywords into paragraphs. Eventually these coalesce into something which makes sense, and which is only finished when the text is right. Come to think of it, having an idea of what ready means and when that’s reached is probably the simplest description.

I need to practice and learn quite a few things: drawing, playing the piano, swimming, dancing, italian… today writing gets its turn.